Best B&B in Reggio Calabria center near Corso Garibaldi Marina Station Museum

which is the best B&B in Reggio Calabria?

la Guest House Via Marinaif you are looking for the best B&B in Reggio Calabria you have reached the right page.

In this article we will help you to correctly evaluate the Bed and Breakfast that best suits your needs.

If your choice depends on the fear of being able to find you in a B & B located in infamous or risky areas, you can stay calm as there are no Bronx or similar areas in Reggio Calabria !!!

In our city petty crime consisting of pickpockets and the like is practically absent.

In Reggio Calabria it is nice to be able to walk up to over one in the morning with the whole family.

B&B degli OttimatiThe Via Marina and on Corso Garibaldi which are animated by bars, restaurants and shops until late hours.

Obviously we do not recommend areas that are extremely peripheral more than anything else because, as a rule, and this is true everywhere, the better you are in the center.

Precisely for this reason we recommend the Guest House Via Marina which is a very central B&B a step away from the Museum, from Corso Garibaldi and the promenade and the beaches, and the B&B degli Ottimati which is located in a side street of Corso Garibaldi, also close to waterfront and therefore in the center of the heart of Reggio Calabria.

Do you like walking and don’t want to drive during your vacation?

via marina Reggio CalabriaThe advantage of a B&B in the center of Reggio Calabria is also that of not having to use the car as you are already in the heart of city life where monuments and attractions are only a few meters away from each other.

Consider that starting from the door of our B & B the beauty of the city of Reggio Calabria is enclosed in a walk full of stops that at most is 2 km from the door of the structure in which you want to stay.

You will get to know a city center animated night and day, always frequented by tourists and full of events and shows.

The beauty of the seasons in Reggio Calabria

Lidi vicino al B&B Reggio CalabriaObviously, even if you are looking for the best cheap B&B in Reggio Calabria or near the Duomo, the station, the museum or Corso Garibaldi, it also depends on the season in which you want to visit the city.

If you prefer the warm season (practically 11 months out of 12) and you love nightlife, shows, concerts and events, we especially recommend the Guest House Via Marina and the B&B of Ottimati that are surrounded by clubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants most famous and well attended in the city center.

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