Climate of Reggio Calabria, a summer that lasts 12 months a year

Climate of Reggio Calabria, a summer that lasts 12 months a year

la Via Marina di Reggio Calabria Climate of Reggio Calabria, a summer that lasts 12 months a yearThe climate of Reggio Calabria is Mediterranean, with well-ventilated hot summers and almost non-existent sweet winters, except in the hills.

Average summer temperatures are around 22 ° C minimum and 38 ° C maximum, while winter temperatures range from 8 ° C minimum to a maximum average of 18 ° C.

Reggio Calabria is a lovely city to visit 12 months a year and, given the low rainfall, it allows you to stay outdoors almost always.


B&B Reggio Calabria logoOn the territory of Reggio Calabria, thanks to the special climatic condition, some unique delicacies are born such as bergamot, annona and licorice.

These are products that can also be found in other areas of the planet, especially in South America, but here they have peculiarities that make these products truly unique and with inimitable characteristics.


bergamot is a kind of green lemon with an incredibly good aroma.

The essence of bergamot is especially required throughout the world and is used in a flood of productions: from the perfume and cosmetics industry to the pharmaceutical industry.

Bergamot is above all miraculous in many applications: against cholesterol, depression, disinfectant, …


also the annona is a typical fruit of our land and that can be found in some areas of South America, but here it has a unique characteristic in that it is very sweet (and not bitter) and it is a pleasure to taste the fruit, cut in half, with the spoon.


Reggio Calabria produces above all 80% of the national production of liquorice and, even in this case, the effect of the sun and sea air is positively felt on the quality of the product.

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