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B&B Reggio Calabria Center,
a single useful contact where to find beautiful rooms, Bed and Breakfast, even Houses for rent in the center of Reggio Calabria few steps from Corso Garibaldi and Lungomare. Call directly to take advantage of upgrades, freebies and above all Zero Commissions and No brokerage fees; contacting us directly Save up to 20% compared to the best rates on the most important online portals.

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la Guest House Via Marina
Special Last Minute Offer in Guest House Via Marina Reggio Calabria center near the sea, the museum, the Corso Garibaldi!!!
B&B degli Ottimati
Special Offer at B&B degli Ottimati rooms few steps from the Corso Garibaldi, the main shopping street

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Welcome to B&B Reggio Calabria

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Our best direct rates are online on bed-and-breakfast.it

Welcome to the official website of B&B Reggio Calabria, we are a group of friends who own some of the most renowned B&Bs in the city center of Reggio Calabria, as well as holiday homes and apartments, which have decided to unite to offer, without any intermediary, the best solutions for the holiday and also the best rates.

If you are tired of making a thousand attempts and are looking for a comfortable Bed & Breakfast, particularly enjoying the best rates, you are in the right place.

Contact B&B Reggio Calabria directly and we will be happy to:
– give you above all the possible availability (needless to call a thousand numbers, here only one is enough)
– also advise you on the choice that best suits your needs (do you have children? do you need the kitchen? do you have to park the car?)
– also help you plan your holiday to the fullest (where to go, how to get around, what to taste)

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B&B Reggio Calabria – Who we are

B&B Reggio Calabria Group was born above all to facilitate travelers many times forced to make a thousand phone calls to find a room available in the center for short or long duration. We are in fact a group of friends who want to give above all the best of hospitality without having to submit to the mechanisms of the Online Travel Agencies which, to tell the truth, also impose very high commissions and which then end up making the necessary price increases fall on the travelers.

In particular, in our group of B&B in Reggio Calabria, all in the center of the town few steps from Lungomare (Via Marina) and Corso Garibaldi, you will get above all the best price ever, the minimum discount you will have by booking directly will never be less than 10% compared to what you will find online on the other portals and concerning our facilities; furthermore, by booking directly, you will in fact receive upgrades, gifts and facilitations, above all on the booking methods.

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B&B Reggio Calabria center – Why to choose us

When you have to travel many times you don’t know where to find the right accommodation, both in terms of the area and the number of travelers. Sometimes it happens to be in a group and no one knows where to find a B&B able to host the entire company; other times you don’t know the center of the city well and you end up arriving in areas at the borders of the center that do not give the same security and the same comfort of a central structure that can allow you to move freely on foot.

B&B Reggio Calabria center was born above all to satisfy the most complex and specific requests of travelers who decide to stay in Reggio Calabria. Our strength is above all the speed in responding, being available almost 24 hours a day via whatsapp, telephone and email.

Instead of contacting all the B & Bs in the center of Reggio Calabria, by contacting us you will save not only time but also and above all you will save on the overnight rates since booking directly with us you will be able to bypass all that series of price increases and commissions that are normally paid by travelers who use renowned portals such as Booking Expredia Hotels and others.

10 good reasons to contact us

Those who book directly through “B&B Reggio Calabria” will have the following advantages:

  1. immediate response on the availability of B & Bs belonging to our group
  2. the best rates available
  3. no payment of unnecessary price increases and brokerage fees
  4. discounts and upgrades
  5. possibility to pay directly on arrival at the facility (except in the case of periods of high turnout)
  6. take advantage of a discounted transfer service
  7. high quality standards confirmed by the reviews of our guests
  8. guarantee that the rooms are always taken care of and sanitized with top quality products
  9. central accommodation immersed in the pulsating life of Reggio Calabria
  10. B&Bs so central that they do not require the use of vehicles