the best of Reggio Calabria – the city center to discover

the beauty of the city center in Reggio Calabria: Welcome to the most beautiful city in the Mediterranean !!!

Welcome to Reggio Calabria: D

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On this tour you will find our advice to fully enjoy the city of the Strait.

Presumably you will arrive in your B&B towards lunch time, so, after settling in and putting down your bags, the dilemma of what to do for lunch will be immediately seen since it is the first time you are in Reggio Calabria.

You have several alternatives and you will find all the best ones always updated in the following map that we can advise you as it is always adequate based on the goodness of the places (if a place does not go well we eliminate it, if a place is strong we add it).

Clicking on the top left will open the menu where you will find the best of the city center: the places to visit, the monuments and the many excellent places that we feel when suggesting you where you can enjoy the best of our traditional cuisine and more.

Every place or place is reviewed, once the menu is open simply click once on the name of the room to read a brief comment with our suggestions.

If you don’t want to live “as a tourist” we advise you to avoid the classic restaurant for lunch because in Reggio Calabria, especially in the city center, it’s not something you do.

For lunch we have an aperitif: a non-alcoholic drink (I suggest no ice so you can taste it better) completed by lots of delicacies such as small sandwiches, sandwiches, arancini, pasta and the characteristic “crispelline” that are balls made of a dough special with the heart of sardines.

We use to make frequent snacks and therefore, between a visit to a monument to another, using the map that you will find above or clicking here, you will find besides all the monuments also the best local, classified by what you want to taste (meat , fish, aperitif, …) and always up to date.

One of the best “step-by-step” guides that will follow you for a perfect walk around the city center we recommend this article.

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